Yoga in English


Центр «Ритмы Життя»




7:45 — 9:00 7.45 — 9 a.m.


in classroom:

13:00 — 14:30 (1:00 pm — 2:30 pm)


in classroom — 200 UAH

online — 150 UAH

Jane Olgovskaya. Женя Олговская. Yoga in English

+38 067 193-31-31 (viber, telegram)

Universal yoga  is  based on a classical Hatha Yoga tradition and embraces the maximum of techniques to develop a human body harmoniously while dealing with mental, spiritual and energetic aspects. 

The classes are held in English and are aimed at reaching deep focus and involvement.  The Asanas are introduced to practitioners on different levels of complexity which makes them suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.  


The Instructor: Jane is certified by American Yoga Alliance (200hrs), trained by Igor Baranow and Asia PL



Universal Yoga Flow (1,5 hrs)

Static-Dynamic training based on cyclic sequences is a combination of movement and breathing. 

  • whole body warm-up
  • control over breathing
  • control over mental activity  
  • guided shavasana 



Joint Mobility (1,5 hrs)  — medium level

Focus on developing flexibility through working out joint mobility with equal attention to all  parts of the body.  

  • classical ha-tha approach 
  • work out all directions of joint-mobility
  • body tension release 
  • asanas for arms
  • guided shavasana



Shiva-Nata + Universal Yoga (1,5 hrs) 

Shava-Nata — the practice of controlling and releasing mental processes which leads to “chitta vritti nirodha” — the  absence of mind fluctuations. The class begins with the 1st level of the Dance of Shiva and then proceeds to asanas and vinyasas.